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I know when my sister rented an apartment in college

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

the management usually kept the deposits because most of his tenants were college students that left the area and wouldn’t fight it. She went to court over it–she didn’t leave the area just the complex. She won…one of the claims against her was a dirty inside of the dishwasher–judge laughed and awarded her more than her original deposit.

So we recently ended a lease on a property

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

we did our walk through everything was fine. The A/C worked just fine when we left. 2 weeks later the A/C freezes up and now this was taken out of our deposit. They said the tech said it was because the filter was dirty. I do know the filter needed to be changed, so I have no problem being charged for a new one. My question is, is this normal for them to deduct this from our deposit 2 weeks later when something goes wrong?
I am new to this and not sure how that works. When we moved out of our apartment years ago during our walk through they told us if any of our deposit would have been kept.

Thanks in advance for your advice.