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Was there a signed off, copy in your hand acceptance of the final walk through?

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

Do you have proof that you changed your power bill to a new address prior to notification that the AC froze up? If you’re not paying a power bill at the time the damage occurred, I don’t see how you would be liable.
I would pursue this in small claims court, if your deposit wasn’t returned to you when you returned the keys and signed a final walk-through acknowledgement. I don’t see how I can hold you responsible past the point of the lease termination.
As a landlord – I have the filter’s changed every 6 months when A/C/Heating guys perform an inspection. Summer and Winter basically. Its never my tenants responsibility to maintain my Heating/cooling systems.

Just two:

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

1 – When you do the show, make sure to let people know that they can get on your mailing list for special deals and offers.

2 – Offer something as a prize in a drawing among everyone who makes a purchase that day. Need not be present to win – another reason for the mailing list…

I had an appointment with an ad saleslady from the local magazine I had mentioned

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Much to my dismay, but not totally shocking, the rates are too high for me right now. They offer a lower than “rack rate” (or whatever they call it) if you do a contract for 3 months, a year, etc. I cannot do that right now. I am thinking about saving enough to do it but it is simply beyond my reach. So, I am disappointed and trying not to worry about losing potential sales from the ads.

On the happier side …

I got official word today that I am accpeted in to a HUGE craft show here on November 2. It has 6000-8000 visitors each time they have it. It is a true craft show. More on that in a minute. All booths are 10×10 though anyone is welcome to get more booth space. I will have one 10×10. They have community involvement with clubs like Rotary, etc. My dh will work the Rotary booth for a while. The clubs sell different food/beverages to help raise money for the museum which puts this on. Here is a link to the museum … This is a huge show that many attend faithfully and it’s held twice a year. Many people schedule their spring and fall around this event. Of course, not all the visitors visit every booth. However, I expect a lot of action that day and down the road from repeat business or those who could not buy that day but do so later.

Too many are called “craft fairs/shows” and they’ll have 1/2 or more of the booths filled with “resellers” … tupperware, avon, mary kay, scentsy, etc. I have nothing against those products and have bought from all those companies and more. However, for people like me it cheapens the whole event to have that kind of product in with real, true crafts. This event does NOT allow resellers. If you start out with a commercially manufactured item, it must be significantly modified. I aum, no, that’s not the motivation, and I was pained to hear that was ever a suspicion. Suffice to say we both learned a few new things. And now we both feel like we’re on the same page again, in terms of financial priorities and spending limits. That by itself feels great. If you live close enough I hope you’ll come to Southdown. I will be in booth number 55.

The other good news is that I have the custom book cases in my studio. I hope to get pics posted in the next couple of days after things are loaded into the room. I am waiting on the table top. We are having a granite top cut and polished for my work table. I am crossing my fingers it can be delivered by week’s end.

Dh has given me some work to think about. I really need to do it. It more alogn the lines of “office work”. I need to set up an official leger (eletronic or written). I have been saving receipts but have not done more with them. After getting my studio set up I need to get with him on the ledger business. I am sure I need to do more official book work in some way.

So I guess I have the proverbial good news, bad news report. However it’s not really bad at all concerning the magazine. It just gives me some goals to work toward.