Casa Adalia

I have stressed going to the store less often, cherry picking sales, and using coupons

I also have instituted a policy of baking at home, rather than buying sweets. My boys devour sweets, so I challenged them if they want cookies, brownies, and the like, they have to bake them to eat them. That idea is working. Now the doubling up we are not ready for, but I am working towards that. The buying a cow and pig idea we tried a few years ago, and it was not a good deal for us the way we did it then. I went to a butcher and we bought a quarter beef and had it cut up. I was not real impressed with the end result cost. Since we live in town, we can’t raise it ourselves. BUT, my folks do raise hogs, and eating home grown meat is what I grew up with. The problem is they are a 10 hour drive away, so I would have to arrange to pick up the meat when we visit once a year. Thanks for the ideas!

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