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About a year ago I asked if anyone knew anything about a father’s rights

When the father lived in one state and the children in another. Reminder on the subject: State had taken the kids away from the mother for numerous home situations and drug related problems. They are in PA. My nil had been notified the state had dissolved his rights as a parent without ever notifying him of the situation. They could not even claim they did not know he was the father or they didn’t know where he was because he faithfully pays his child support through the court each month. Not only were they dissolving his rights, but they expected him to continue to pay the child support. They mailed this info to him so they definitely knew where he was.
He flew out there, got a good lawyer and fought hard for the kids—he truly loves his daughters. Instead of giving him his girls they gave them to the ex-wife’s parents, who promptly handed the girls back to the mother’s parents, who despite the “supervised visits only” mandate turned the kids right back to the mtoehr. Mama ended up badly beaten by a druggy boyfriend and the girls were removed again.
Fast forward to now. He was told earlier this year that if he moved to a bigger house so the girls could each have a bedroom. Show financial stability, AND pass a home inspection by our local department of human services he could finally bring his daughters to OK. We are waiting on the home inspection by the overworked dhs workers. Please pray it is soon and that he and my niece pass the inspection so the healing of those children’s life can beging. Those little girls are separated and in foster homes right now and should be with the Daddy and step mother who love them deeply.

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