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Oh, geez, yea that was me and that delivery was SO hard

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

That was a small two-year-old doe who was really struggling with a huge baby. We first started filming that one as a video for my brother’s kids, so they could experience “life on the farm”. When it got to be such a struggle, we thought gosh, no kid should be watching this one. Happy ending though – I was able to get the kid out, alive and definitely kicking. Mom was tired and sore for a day or two (who wouldn’t be????) but both mom and kid are thriving now. That was one of the hardest deliveries I’ve ever helped with. Happily, the next two kiddings were about as easy as it gets; at least one of those should be up on the farm’s video list as well. That little pumpkin just sorta fell out, looked around, and said “where’s my lunch?” Gotta love those.

For chicken –

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

It depends on what kind you get to get it for .99 a lb.
Boneless, skinless breasts is usually sale price at $1.99/lb
Sometimes I can find thighs or other parts for .99/lb or less.
Although–personally—I find we like the boneless/skinless breasts better—esp me for the convenience of not having to deal with parts I don’t like….so I will spend the $2 a pound for what I want.
Then, I just economize in other parts of my grocery budget to make it work for us.