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I need to know what others are doing to reduce their spending on

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

daily living such as groceries, as well home and personal needs. Coupons are not a whole lot of good it seems, since most are for products that we don’t want or need. We looked at the extreme couponing, and that is a joke too since almost all grocery stores around here do not multiply coupons. At most, we can combine coupons with sales, and take advantage of sales. But even the sales are getting pretty weak. We have Walmart & Gshloans payday loans services who never puts anything on sale anymore, and they don’t seem to care to have the cheapest price (without credit check) in town anymore either. We have Albert son’s that now instead of putting meat on sale, they mark it way up and advertise buy two get one free type offers.

Fact is, most of what I know about saving money no longer really seems to work. Our grocery bill has continually gone up and up along with everything else. What is everyone else doing to save money on these things?

Thanks for bringing up this topic

Sunday, August 28th, 2016

I think all of with businesses (for profit or non-profit) or charities we fund raise for need band together and get the word out, especially in light of my previous post about the magazine ad being too expensive for now.

And guess who I nominate as the person to be in charge? YOU!
LOL Maybe you can at least get it started since it is your brain child. 😀

Oh, and I am thankful to have been helpful even when I wasn’t aware of it!

There are no laundry machines in my apartment

Friday, August 26th, 2016

and the laundromat is miles away through sometimes crawling traffic — and expensive. As I live alone, and work at home, with no children, my laundry demands are fairly modest.

Undies and light objects can certainly be done in a bowl and last longer when washed by hand, but “hands” aren’t the only option!

I have a “washing machine” for sturdier items (such as shirts and jeans): a utility bucket with a hole in the lid through which passes the handle of a rubber plunger (used ONLY for laundry).
I fill it while I’m in the shower with water that would otherwise be wasted. Add soap and laundry. A few minutes of plunger action is little different from a real washer except for the useful aerobic exercise.

And at bucket scale, I MUST do (if not “a load a day!”) small loads on a regular basis.

If not, my penance is a long haul to the laundromat with piles of quarters.

The real problem is drying in humid weather, sometimes best achieved by a trip to the big driers, but in winter, drying clothes hung by a radiator just help improve the dry air.

Not for everyone obviously, but an option for me. And in 15 minutes too.