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Letter from Lea:

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Hi, my name is Lea…. and I have a problem

Sigh, Sad …. July has been a tough month… a typical slow business month while still recooping from the business move. Getting the boy ready to go off to college… a month of company 2 family birthdays..

Its been 3 .6 years since dh was laid off and and we started the business… we paid off the car, paid off the house, I owe chase 450.00 and dh owes them 600.00 we cut out cable… use smart talk phones…
saved up for big things we wanted… grow a garden, can the food, buy our clothes at the thrift shops…

..and then I started looking at our bedroom curtains… oh I could make some… but it didn’t seem like I could find the right colors/ prints/ type I wanted… I looked on line and found a pair… way more then I would pay normally…. but they offered credit with a 30 sec. response…
APPROVED…. I bought the curatins

But why stop there the evil Lea whispered in my ear… you want several nice photo albums to sort through years of pictures and make books for each son….. maybe Kohls has them.. ( we only have a Walmart within 40 miles of us) … so I went online…. 15% off if you use a Kohls credit card… another 10% if you use it…. why heck yeah! I was on a roll

Target on line… 10% off the extra long twin sheets needed for my sons dorm room with a Target card…. type in the infor… wow that was easy! might as well throw int he matching comforter… BAM

Needed a couple of bras ( TMI.. sorry Eldred) … Victoria Secret was having a sale… and lookie here… I could get so much off my first order by applying for a credit card… this point I had the exact feeling I use to ahve when I blew a diet…. if I ate a piece of cake .. if I blew it I might as well blow it all the way…

so… within 1 hour…. 1 hour of sitting on my sofa and sipping sweet tea…. I had spent 300.00 and acquired 4 credit cards…..

of course now I am listing things on the local yardsale board and only have 2 more credit cards to pay off and cancel…

I am ashamed…. don’t know what came over me…. just glad I was able to catch myself before I trolled any more websites and got more credit cards… thankful I didn’t do more damage…. and am back on track now….

Oh, geez, yea that was me and that delivery was SO hard

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

That was a small two-year-old doe who was really struggling with a huge baby. We first started filming that one as a video for my brother’s kids, so they could experience “life on the farm”. When it got to be such a struggle, we thought gosh, no kid should be watching this one. Happy ending though – I was able to get the kid out, alive and definitely kicking. Mom was tired and sore for a day or two (who wouldn’t be????) but both mom and kid are thriving now. That was one of the hardest deliveries I’ve ever helped with. Happily, the next two kiddings were about as easy as it gets; at least one of those should be up on the farm’s video list as well. That little pumpkin just sorta fell out, looked around, and said “where’s my lunch?” Gotta love those.